Koby Feldmos

Koby graduated university in Europe with a bachelor's degree, descendant of a family of jewelers, he specialized in gold and diamonds and designing jewelry in the family business. In recent years, Feldmos abandoned jewelry design in favor of painting. Painting is something he dealt with in the past, and today dedicates himself fully to the craft of painting, as well as developing a style that distinguishes him on the national stage as well as on the international stage in the 21st century. The artist’s picturesque style is inspired by the French movement which developed in Post Impressionism in the 19th century, Pointillism. This technique is expressed in paintings which are made up of points.

Feldmos, on the other hand, works using a technique which is characterized by short, quick draws of a paint-laden brush, which stand out from the painting substrate, something which distinguishes his paintings with relation to the traditional conventional painting. His colorfulness is characterized by an uneven mix of colors, creating depth and a wide range of the color scale, built in the piece seemingly randomly, but there is thought and precision to each touch, reference to light and shadow, composition and flow. Behind each representation in his paintings there is thought on the flow direction, making it harmonious and complete.

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